DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush Seeds Feminized

Drum Roll Please… We now introduce THE HOLY GRAIL KUSH!! All of us growers have been searching for the one plant if you had to pick only one to have with you on a deserted island……..Well the search can be temporarily suspended. DNA brings the community 2 time cannabis cup champion Kosher Kush and we have crossed her to the Multi Champion TheOG#18, bringing you……. The Holy Grail Kush!. This cross produces large resinous buds that reek of OG#18/Kosher goodness!! New or newer carbon filters are highly recommended as the smell can be over powering! The HolyGrail is great for the beginner as well as the Master grower. The Experienced growers can take her to the limit pushing the nutrient uptake to the very edge and being rewarded with insanely aromatic plants with the strength and yield not to be matched! The HolyGrail will demand the highest price of all the OG Kush Hybrids and the bag appeal is second to none. Several HighTimes staff were heard talking of how superior the HolyGrailKush was in looks, smell, and taste. Far out performing ALL other entries in 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup to take First place with a first ever perfect score!! Now the world can try The Holy Grail Kush!

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield : 500-650 g/m2
Genetics: OG#18 x Kosher Kush

2011 Cannabis Cup
Seed Company Hybrids Category (Hybrid Cup)
1st Place (tie) DNA Genetics / Reserva Privada Colorado

2011 Hybrid Cup Winner!
Original Sensible Seeds Company

Original Sensible seeds Sensible Seeds and Sensible Light Systems were established in South Wales in 1992. At the time, hybrid seeds and early hydroponic equiptment was only available in Amsterdam. We were excited by what we saw emerging there and decided to take it back to the UK with us.
Within a short time our work on the pioneering, hybrid ( Skunk ) generation of cannabis seeds and the emerging Hydroponic method of plant cultivation meant that the quality of products and the efficiency of the equipment that we were producing was ground breaking at the time.
Now re-openned and based in Spain, we trade as The Original Sensible Seed Company as during our absence, the Sensible Seeds name was adopted by someone else.

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Rating: 5 out of 5
based on 1,529 ratings

Sensible Seeds

Sensible seeds were one of the first online retailers of high grade Marijuana Seeds and they have kept their reputation as the foremost Cannabis Seeds supplier due to our excellent customer service and vast selection over 2000 strains and Cannabis Cup winners from over 100 of the worlds best breeders! All seeds are bought fresh packed and stored in an optimum environment to ensure freshness.

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Everyone Does It

EveryondDoesIT.com has been a trusted source for quality souvenier cannabis seeds since 2001. Not only can users purchase the best cannabis seeds from the world's top breeder, they also enjoy a wide selection of vaporizers, glass pipes, hookahs, and much more.

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